Damstra Techniek BV

Projectmanagement and Maintenance support

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Selection of project references:

Walibi Holland, adding over 30 new rides in 2000, Megacoaster 2002, Stuntshow, Halloween Haunted House, Splash Battle, Speed of Sound.

Development and project management of several Interactive and 4D darkrides in China, Manchester UK, Dallas US, Moscow.

Movie Park Germany, Nickelodeon themed area 2007/2008, Santa Monica Pier 2007, Van Helsing's Factory 2011 overall project management.

Black Pool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon themed area.

Walibi Belgium, adding 28 new rides and new theming,  Vertigo ( Mountain Glider )

Several themed attractions in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Macau.

Create manuals and risk assessments for several ride manufacturers in Europe

Support with development of new ride concepts and integration of AudioVisual, Content and IP's

Project assistance with development of a new themepark in Europe.


@2011  Damstra Techniek BV (KvKno. 39065428) is a member of Damstra Beheer BV located at Luttelgeest, Netherlands